Must-Have North Indian Bridal Jewellery for Wedding

by Francis Alukkas | 29 April 2023 | INDIAN WEDDING JEWELLERY

The wedding is the most beautiful and much-awaited day for the bride and groom. Everyone plans ahead regarding the decoration, costumes and most importantly the bridal Jewellery. A wide variety of jewellery options are available when choosing ornaments for brides such as Mughal, Polki, Kundan, Temple, Gemstone, and more. But, here we are discussing some North Indian bridal jewellery, which can be a must-have for weddings.

When purchasing or planning jewellery for wedding, the primary concern might be whether to choose gold or diamond jewellery. For that, our suggestion is if you prefer a classier look with elegant outfits and dainty jewellery, then you need to go with diamond jewellery or else if your concept is traditional designs or heavy jewellery ideas, you can opt for gold. Diamond blended North Indian bridal jewellery designs are also available if you prefer a North Indian style wedding. 

North Indian weddings will always demand grand jewellery that escalates the overall appearance of the bride along with the heavy vibrant colored dressing. Also, the wedding in north India comprises various pre-wedding and post-wedding functions like mehendi and sangeet, and the bride needs to buy several set of ornaments that matches these occasions.  When considering the history of North Indian Bridal Jewellery, these are inspired by the king-sized Mughal designs, which are designed mostly in the states of Rajasthan, UP, MP, and Gujarat. Most of these jewellery designs are inspired from the Monarch families' imperial accessories. 

About Traditional Indian Jewellery

Traditional jewellery designs in India, vary based on the culture and region. So, if we analyze east, west, north and south states, different types of jewellery designs can be identified. Among them, the North Indian jewellry like kundan and polki are famous for using precious and semi-precious stones. While, most of the south Indian Jewellery like Kasu Mala is inspired from architecture of South Indian temples. The east Indian jewellery is famous for delicate designs and the west Indian jewellery is for intricate filigree work.

In recent days, traditional jewellery is returning back as a trend in weddings. Most of the brides prefer a classic look by wearing only some peices of heavy traditional ornaments. The traditional Indian bridal jewellery is well-known for the intricate designs, cultural heritage it symbolizes, exquisite craftsmanship, and the use of precious metals and stones. Also, according to traditional values, jewellery will not only enhance the beauty of bride, but it also represents prosperity and good fortune. Also, Check: Gold and Diamond jewellery Collections

North Indian Jewellery Designs

Elaborate and intricate designs with vibrant color and excellent craftsmanship by using precious stones are key features of North Indian jewellery designs. Also, most of the North Indian designs will contains peacocks, flowers, leaves, and paisleys, which are symbolic representations of love, beauty, fertility, and prosperity. 

When looking into North Indian wedding jewellery, they are of different types and it will mostly differ based on the region. The popular bridal jewellery options at Kashmir are atheru, dejhoor, gunus, and kaskar; in Himachal Pradesh the ornaments are khul kantaie, kach, chiri tika, and chandra malang; in Uttarakhand the popular designs are karnfool, tehri nath, galobandh, and pahunchi; and in Punjab the ornaments are kaleere and chooda. 

Some of the mostly used North Indian jewellery names are included below.

Kundan Jewellery: Originated in Rajasthan, this is an oldest type of Indian jewellery having a rich legacy of over 2,500 years. This jewellery design uses precious stones and uncut diamonds along with gold foil, that sits between the stone and mount

Polki Jewellery: The Polki jewellery uses uncut or unpolished diamonds in its natural form.

Jhumka: Large earrings with bell-shaped design

Maang Tikka: Ornament weared by brides on the forehead that contains a large pendant with studded precious stones

Nath: Nose ring stedded with precious stones and it represents marital status

Haar: Long necklace crafted using precious stones and gold

Baju Band: Bracelet worn on the upper arm

Haathphool: A form of  hand harness that contains bangle/bracelet connected to adjustable ring with delicate chain or multiple chains.

Having plans to buy North Indian bridal jewellery? Either if you need to save for any special occasions by purchasing in advance or need to gift it to others, gold is the most suitable options. There are options to buy gold jewellery online, through safe and verified platforms. The online platforms will also help you to find latest and jewellery designs that suits you best.

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