Why Did Many Join the Gold Investment Scheme During the COVID 19 Pandemic?

by Francis Alukkas | 22 September 2021 | GOLD INVESTMENT SCHEME

The love for the yellow metal in India is very much evident and known. But the secret or the primary reason behind it is also an added factor that gold is considered to be a safe and preferred mode of investment in India. The importance of the gold investment during COVID-19 has been lately identified, as global markets take a tailspin. On the other hand, the gold market has significantly outperformed all other major asset classes and observed a remarkable performance in the first half of 2020, with an increase of 16.8 percent in US-dollar terms. Follow this article to find out why you must start a gold investment scheme during the COVID 19.

Gold Investment Scheme During COVID-19 

Ever since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic, gold ornaments price have been fluctuating on a daily basis. The start of the year 2020 saw gold ornaments price per 10 grams of 24kt gold at 3,8600.00 INR and has been hiked to 53,380.00 INR per 10 gram of 24kt gold as of today (10 Sep 2020). The COVID impact on gold ornaments price has evidently observed an increase in the gold investment scheme during COVID-19. 

Why Invest in Gold Investment Scheme During COVID-19 

Although the world is facing a recession as the effect of the global pandemic, it is necessary to hold a safe and secure asset for a promising future. With the pace at which the world is moving today, investing alone is not the key that defines a secure future. Smart investment, along with sound knowledge of the changing trend, establishes the security of a promising secured tomorrow. Observing the trends and the COVID impact on gold ornaments price, investing in gold is a smart way, which is why gold investment schemes are a savior that helps in intelligent planning. 

Benefits of Gold Investment Schemes

Gold investment schemes are not only a great way to save and invest money but also a smart card to buy gold at a competitive and better price without the fear of the increasing rates. They allow you to save money on a monthly basis and avail you special discounts on your favorite and latest ornament design collections. This way of buying gold jewelry for a pre-fixed amount paid as a monthly installment in purchase advance arrangement for a pre-fixed term allows you to plan, invest, and buy what you love systematically. These reasons, along with several others, collaborate to explain why you must start a Gold investment scheme during COVID-19. 

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Selecting the Best Gold Investment Scheme

Before starting on a gold investment scheme, you must acknowledge that there are several options available. Choosing the best that favors you and benefits you is very important to pick from the lot. You must ensure that your money is in safe hands; trust is the principal core value to any investments. Investing in the right place that returns you in profit is the catch to look for. Understanding the growing needs, importance, and benefits of gold investment schemes, we at Francis Alukkas have come up with a gold-saving plan ‘Easy Gold Easy’ that saves you from the difficulty of saving up money or purchase gold on the spot. 

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Easy Gold Easy: About 

The Easy Gold Easy gold investment scheme by Francis Alukkas is a 12-month scheme that allows you to select a monthly purchase advance or a pre-fixed amount starting from just 1000 INR per month to multiples of Rs 1000. By the end of the Easy Gold Easy scheme’s term investment, you are eligible for special discounts on your favorite and latest collection from Francis Alukkas. The amount of discount is against purchase advance arrangement and differs depending on the choice of your investment and the pre-fixed amount. With the Easy Gold easy investment scheme, you can purchase any ornaments from gold to diamond to platinum to any of your choices.  

To know more about our investment schemes, visit our nearby stores or contact us at Francis Alukkas. We guide you on why you must join the Easy Gold Easy gold investment scheme during the COVID 19 pandemic?

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