Top Ideas For Wedding Anniversary Jewellery Gifts

by Francis Alukkas | 21 September 2021 | JEWELLERY GIFT IDEAS

After weddings and traditional rituals, wedding anniversary jewellery gifts are the most common jewellery shopping done in India. Jewellery is an ideal gift for wedding anniversaries as they hold sentimental value, symbolize something special between the couple and also adds to one’s valuable collections.

Wedding anniversary jewellery never goes out of fashion as it is a gift in vogue in all times. You have a lot of options to choose from as well, so there is always something for everyone. You stand no chance of disappointing your loved one if you know his or her style. There are different anniversary jewellery gifts ideal for men and women, so the selection can be quite specific and special.

You can also go for gem stones that symbolize different number of years to make the wedding anniversary jewellery more memorable for each milestone. Gold and freshwater pearls are symbolic of the first anniversary. Garnet and rose quartz are popular as second anniversary gifts. Sapphire is the gemstone of choice for the fifth anniversary. Birthstones, pearls, meaningful motifs and favourite colours are also some options to choose from.

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Anniversary Jewellery Gifts Ideas

Jewellery is a popular choice of gift when it comes to anniversary or valentine’s day gifts for your partner. Some meaningful anniversary jewellery gifts for her can include:


Rings are always loved by women. A ring is also easy to wear at any occasion. You can choose rings with the gemstone signifying the anniversary order. Gold rings with or without stones mounted on them are great first anniversary jewellery gifts. A ring with your loved one’s birthstone or the birthstone corresponding to your wedding month can also hold symbolic value. There are lots of options in the metal as well. Platinum is a classy metal and can be a welcome change from usual gold jewellery.

There are also couple rings which both of you can choose. Men might love a simple ring with a macho touch to the design or a slightly larger gemstone to suit their masculine hands

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Necklaces with the right locket or pendant can hold a lot of sentimental value as a wedding anniversary jewellery gift. Gemstones signifying the anniversary year, birthstones and symbolic motifs like the infinity symbol, interlocked hearts are great ideas for lockets. Another unusual but brilliant idea is to get a necklace with a locket which can be opened and can hold a picture of both of you together. Also, check out gold necklace with price details.


Watches are great as Anniversary gifts for him and her anytime. You can opt for a style that your partner fancies, casual, party-wear or designer type. Watches too come in various finishes with gemstones, pearls or other decorations. There will be plenty to choose from, be it for your husband or wife.


A pair of earrings, especially with diamond glinting at you flanking her smile, is a perfect anniversary gift for her. Earrings can also sport gemstones other than diamonds or even pearls. A beautiful pair of earrings can easily add to the shine on your beloved’s face.

Jewellery gifts are deeply personal, whichever type you choose for your partner. Wedding anniversary jewellery is so popular because of how jewellery can last compared to other gift ideas. Every time you see or wear the jewellery gift you received, you are going to remember the bond you share with your spouse and how special it made you feel to receive it. Jewellery gifts can also be presented in the most surprising ways, in unusual packages or concealed in a common place that your spouse could stumble upon.

Jewellery gifts seldom disappoint and can be a wonderful way to renew the wedding vows and to mark another milestone in your journey as a couple. Further, jewellery gifts are also suitable wedding anniversary gifts for couples at any point in their marriage – whether it’s your first anniversary or your fiftieth, there is something suitable for everyone.

After all, where love prevails, gifts are just a material way of reminding each other of the milestones you have passed together and of the future you wish to grow old together in.

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