Simple Gold Bangles for Daily Use: A Selection Guide

by Francis Alukkas | 22 September 2021 | GOLD JEWELLERY

Bangles hold a very special place in the hearts of a woman. From simple collections to all fancy ones, a set of bangles always complete a traditional look and compliments the attire. In the conventional Indian systems, bangles hold a special place identifying the complete look of a bride. Simple gold bangles for daily use are a common commodity or ornament used most commonly in Indian households. Having said that, finding a perfect and maintaining daily wear simple gold bangles is a task in itself. Follow along this article to view a range of collections of simple gold bangles for daily use.

What to Look for When You are to Buy Daily Wear Simple Gold Bangles

One of the most critical factors to look for when you are looking for options of simple gold bangles for daily use is the strength of the gold, the design, and the weight of the gold. Often daily wear lightweight gold bangles are preferred over the heavy ones as they come in between the work process and have a high risk of getting damaged. Plain and simple designs of bangles have become the order of the day. While buying a daily wear gold bangle, you must ensure that the weight of the bangle is sturdy and robust. Gold made of 18kt is most suitable for simple gold bangles for daily use.

Size of Your Bangle Matters

Size of your bangle matters when it comes to daily wear usage. Unlike other occasions where you are more careful, during everyday use, you often are less cautious. Choosing the right size matters as it would not slip off your hands and also looks beautiful when compared to oversized bangles. The most crucial factor while selecting a daily wear bangle is comfort.

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Choose Bangles Depending on Your Use

You will be surprised by the varieties and range of options available when it comes to simple gold bangles for daily use. You have a different range of daily wear simple gold bangles depending on the use and occasion from Office wear bangles, Daily wear bangles, Single bangle, Bracelet style bangle, and Diamond bangles, Gemstone bangles, Kada, Adjustable bangles, Occasional wear bangles, and many more.

Simple Gold Bangles for Daily Use at Home

If you are looking for daily wear simple gold bangles to use at home, we recommend you to go for non-studded simple gold bangles that don’t have much intrinsic work or design. This is because of the rough and tough conditions while doing household work, damaging the gold jewel. The simple design ensures that the bangles do not come in the way or get stuck to your dress while working. While buying bangles for daily use at home, make sure that you attach your bangles along with a support that is attached behind the bangle to retain the shape of the bangle.

Daily Wear Simple Gold Bangles for Office Use

When it comes to buying gold bangles for daily wear office use, you can choose from the varieties of bracelet bangles, Diamond bangles, Gemstone bangles, Kada, Adjustable bangles, Occasional wear bangles, and others. This is because of the nature of work in the office, which does not wear off the bangle. However, you must be careful with stone studded bangles as there is a high risk of losing one or two stones without your notice while working.

How to Maintain Daily Wear Bangles

Just like how easy it is to use a daily wear bangle, maintaining the same is as simple. There are certain factors which you must keep in mind which can be applied to retain the shine of the gold. Make sure you remove your gold bangle when you are washing utensils or in contact with chemicals. To find more, check: Gold Jewellery Care Tips

Visit our online store to view all the latest collections of bangles. Make sure you go through the tips and have an understanding of what to look for before buying gold ornaments for daily use. Know the size of your bangle by referring to the size chart option while searching. Which type of gold bangle is your choice for everyday use? Let us know.

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