How to Clean Gold Earrings: Top Tip

by Francis Alukkas | 25 July 2022 | GOLD JEWELLERY

Gold earrings are a popular choice for both women and men as it is a fashion statement. They are also delicate pieces of jewellery that must be taken care of. They can get dirty over time and lose their spark due to oils, dirt, cosmetics, sweat from our skin and much more. Keeping them clean is easy, but many do not know how to clean gold earrings. You don't have to visit a local jeweller to regain the spark or your gold earrings. To assist you, here we have compiled a list of easy techniques on how to clean gold earrings at home and regain their original shine.

How to Clean Gold Earrings at Home?

Wondering how to clean gold earrings? Wearing gold earrings daily could result in making them dirty. To keep your earrings looking new, clean them at least twice a month. If you wear them daily, then it is essential to clean them more often - every week or so.

There are many ways to clean gold earrings at home. Washing with soap and water is the best home remedy to clean gold earrings. It helps to get rid of accumulated dirt conveniently without much difficulty. Remember, you need to be careful while cleaning your gold ornaments from home without damaging them or losing gold. Also Check: Gold Earrings for Bride: A Selection Guide

Follow the instructions below to clean your gold earrings at home:

1. Gather all the supplies you will need for the cleaning process. You will need warm water, dish soap, and a soft cloth or towel.

2. Make a solution by mixing one tablespoon of dish soap with two tablespoons of water in a small bowl.

3. Dip your cloth into the mixture and squeeze out any excess liquid, so it's not dripping wet.

4. Rub the earring with this cloth until it's clean on all sides, and rinse any soap residue with warm water if necessary.

5. Finally, use your dry cloth to polish off any remaining dirt or residue on your earrings.

Another method is to soak your gold earring in soap water for about 10-20 minutes and clean it off with a soft toothbrush. If you use this method, don't use boiling or cold water; instead, use warm water. In addition, only use very mild dishwasher soap as you will be soaking your gold ornaments in it and using strong soap could either damage it or make you lose your gold due to chemical reactions. As an alternative, you could also use club soda to clean, but consult your jeweller to confirm if it is safe. Also, Read: Diamond Earring Buying Guide: A Must Read

How to Clean Gold Earrings with Stones?

Earring stones are delicate and can be easily damaged. The earrings are also prone to dirt and grime. Cleaning the earrings with the proper method is important for their longevity. There are a few ways to clean gold earrings at home. There is no one best way to clean them, but some methods are more effective than others in certain situations.

You can use warm water and soap to clean gold earrings with stones on the surface. You may rinse it with a very soft toothbrush, such as a baby toothbrush, or use a soft cloth to dry it off. Do not soak gold earrings with stones in soap and warm water solution as it may trap water inside and ultimately cause damage to both gold and stone, either discolouration or rust.

Note: It is advisable to visit a jeweller if you didn't get a preferred result or when you are in doubt.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Cleaning Gold Ornaments from Home

1. Never use bleach or any liquid containing it. It could cause discolouration.
2. Don't prolong the soaking time by more than 20 minutes, even if it is mild soap
3. Ensure not to wash small gold ornaments such as earrings and rings directly under tap water as you may lose them due to the fast streaming of water. It is always advisable to wash in a bowl or cup.

Now, you can buy gold earrings online at Francis Alukkas without having a hard time cleaning them at home. If you have any doubts or concerns regarding gold ornaments, we at Francis Alukkas are always at your disposal.

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