Diamond Earring Buying Guide: A Must Read

by Francis Alukkas | 22 September 2021 | DIAMOND JEWELLERY

Diamond earrings and studs are among the most versatile and perfect gifts for all men, women, girls, and boys. Don’t you agree? The bright shine and sparkle of the stone never cease to captivate attention and melt the heart at first sight. If you are planning to buy diamond earrings for yourself or gifting a friend, here is a complete diamond earring buying guide that would come in handy to you.

When it comes to diamond earrings, the first question that arises is, which is the best place to buy diamond earrings? What are the factors to consider to buy the best diamond earrings? Follow along with this diamond earring buying guide before purchasing.

Diamond Earring Buying Guide

When picking a diamond jewellery, you always look for the best quality of stones, and for diamond earrings, you always look for the shiniest and brightest of all. Diamonds get their shine according to the shape and cut design. A diamond earring buying guide will educate you on a variety of shapes and cuts in diamonds that are available and popular.

Diamond earring buying guide: Things to consider to buy diamond earrings

First things first, be clear on your budget range and have a clear understanding of the purpose of your purchase. Whether you want to buy diamond earrings for daily use purposes or special occasions. Diamonds are always measured and compared concerning the 4 C’s. So what are the 4C’s that help you in identifying your best diamond earrings?

Let’s get a quick glimpse at each of the 4C’s included in the diamond earring buying guide.


Best diamond earrings shine the best in concern to the cut. Diamonds undergo total internal reflection when in contact with light, and this happens when they are cut at certain angles and design. Diamonds with princess cuts have exceptional sparkle and give an edgy look to the diamond earring. Round brilliant cuts are a more popular choice for diamond earrings, and diamond engagement rings as they provide the maximum brightness, fire, and sparkle in a colorless diamond. Also, check solitaire diamond earrings and pendant


Carat in a diamond refers to weight. The more the carat, the higher the value of the diamond stone, and the higher the rates. Investing in diamonds from 0.5 carats and above is suitable if you want to get those amazing sparkles while wearing them.


Naturally occurring diamonds gain color in response to the level of temperature they undergo. Interestingly, diamonds with no color or hue are considered to be the best. The fun fact is that diamonds reflect and pick up color with respect to the metal they are set in skin, hair, glasses, or other earrings. Selecting diamonds in the range of D – Z color grade is advised to save up on money.


The clarity of diamonds is measured using the diamond clarity scale identifying the levels of inclusions and blemishes present in the stone when observed under ten times magnification. Also, check collections on Fancy Diamond Earrings

Which Metal Makes the Best Diamond Earrings?

Diamond earrings placed in different metals such as platinum, gold, rose gold reflect and appear differently. As mentioned above, diamonds pick up the color with respect to the environment they are placed. The choice of metal can differ in response to the diamond quality on the color grade and clarity scale. Artisans take advantage of this to create magnificent diamond jewel pieces. The shine of the diamond also varies in response to the styling settings.

Best Place to Buy Diamond Earrings

When you choose to buy diamond earrings, always choose a reputable and trusted jewelry store such as Francis Alukkas. Diamonds are often attached to the myth that they have less resale value. This is untrue. Certified jewelry stores provide diamond certification that guarantees resale value concerning the current prices.

Diamond earring collections at Francis Alukkas are certified and crafted by experienced artisans. Our artisans choose and pick the best diamonds by comparing them with the measurement tools, i.e., color grade and clarity scale. These diamonds are then cut precisely, adhering to the diamond earring buying guide to present you with the best and beautiful diamond earring collections.

Is your diamond certified and 4 C’s verified? Verify and check on the same at your nearest Francis Alukkas store.

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